Saturday, February 23, 2008

Darling Dotees

As I mentioned a few posts ago I have joined an online group called Swap Bot where there are all kinds of swaps in which to participate. Most, though not all, are artsy type swaps which is right up my alley.

The first swap I completed was one called "Shabby Chic Dotees." These are little dolls that someone created and now are all the rage on this list. In this swap the idea was to make a little "dotee" using the main idea of a body, face out of felt and "dress it" in the shabby chic style. Since my craft room is loaded with fabrics, vintage lace and trims this proved to be an easy task. And I really like doing it. Here is my very first but probably not last "dotee"

The lady who created dotees in the first place is Dot from Australia. Here is her blog

Since both my swappees have received their dotees from me I feel I can safely post it here now.

This little lady on the right is "Grammy Chic Dotee" from "Artful Artsy Amy." Isn't she cute?

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