Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Miniatures

I belong to a fun miniature and doll house group called GSOLFOT.... We have just been issued a challenge to FINISH a project that has been sitting around unfinished for awhile. WELL, I have a LOT of those.

The first one I thought of was a Doll House Dress Shop which I started several years ago. Actually most of the stuff to go inside is in bags here and there.... so I have dug it all out and starting tonight I plan to FINISH it. We shall see if I really do but since I am putting it here perhaps it will encourage me to really do it.
This picture shows how far I have gotten, better than nothing I guess.

This evening I will take a picture of all the "stuff" and add it here.... and then attempt to show the progress.

I am definitely a proud Sockee.

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