Thursday, July 24, 2008

More work on shop

I managed to "take the day off" from the house and my real shop and do some things for dress shoppe.
I drove over to the next town and visited the Mini shop.... Wee Home Shoppe It is such a great shop because the owner is a wonderful lady and a friend. She carries all scales.
It is the place where we hold our monthly meetings of the Susquehanna Mini Makers, a N.A.M.E
mini club. I managed to spend quite a bit of money while I was there and here is what I bought.After shopping I rushed home to do some more work on the dress shoppe. I pulled out the counter I was going to use and filled it with the bolts of fabric and laces. Then On top I put a little hat I had made from a kit that I bought from someone who's name I can't find at the moment .... and a vase (a bead actually) filled with feathers. I imagine there will be a few more things on the top of the counter. Just not sure what yet.
Next I pulled out a couple of kits I had recently put together. One is boots in a shoe box, the other is slippers in a shoe box. They were both from Ann Vanture's Paper Minis She is a great source for paper printie kits for doll houses and dolls as well.

The final thing I added to today's work is a small
display I got in a swap or exchange.... I don't remember which. It is a cute display of hat and dressing table items. I just loved it and decided I would find a place in the shop. I think the shop is changing from a dress shop to a ladies modiste... where she can buy a variety of items for herself.

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Lovely Miniatures..