Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Construction is taking a bit of a break

Well, I hoped to get the project finished before Jan. 29, the day I have to have surgery on my wrist.
But I didn't quite make it.... So..... I won't be doing much for a couple of days until the wrist tells me I can. I will know....

Don't not check up here though... I may be talking about other things. My left hand will still be able to type and even my right hand a bit since the surgery doesn't involve my fingers. We shall see.

I have started moving furniture into the house to see how it looks, I have ordered a few pieces I need and today I pulled out some fabrics from my stash to see what I can use for bed linens, curtains, maybe some pillows. I can at least do some planning.

Oh, and the weather today is really awful. It started out with snow, then sleet and freezing rain and then rain and now it seems to back to snow again. But the roads are clear thanks to a busy snow plow so that is good.

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