Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks to below freezing temps I can stay in and play.

I got a bit of work done on the dollhouse yesterday. I mentioned I might do the windows, or I might start the shingling. Well, I did both.
The windows, which I thought would be hard, turned out to be easy and quick.
I put the windows together, glued them and put rubber bands on to hold until the glue dried.
After they were dry I painted them. The cream ones are for the inside of the window. The red ones are for outside the house. If you click on the picture of the unpainted windows it will get larger and you will be able to see the rubber bands in place.

Since I had to wait for things to dry I started putting on the shingles. It is very slow cause some have to be cut to fit. Now I know that what I have done so far looks messy, but it supposed to. When it is all done it will get a "wash" to make it look weathered. This is an old house you know.

I plan to work on more shingling today and maybe get the windows in to place permanently.
Hope I have good stuff to share tomorrow.

Any comments you want to make?????

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Anne said...

I love reading about the construction of your dollhouse, Beth. And I especially enjoy seeing the pictures. You are progressing so fast with it I can hardly believe it.