Monday, February 16, 2009

The Daytona 500

The Nascar Racing Season has begun. Yesterday we went to a neighbors annual Daytona 500 viewing party. It always includes a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We always bring the Cake. (no I didn't make it, the bakery at our grocery store did.) The powers that be at Nascar keep making the race start later and later in the day and this year it didn't start until 3:30. As it turns out they should have started earlier because a rain storm came along and the race ended at lap 152 instead of 200. Matt Kenseth was the winner even though he had only run one lap. It felt kind of anti-climatic. But we still had a nice time at the party.


amc said...

Yummy cake!! Did you have to request it special or did they have some pre-made?

Beth said...

They designed it to your fathers request. It is good, half choc, half yellow.