Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A step back in history

We just got home from exercise and I just realized I hadn't posted this earlier like I planned. So here is part two of three parts of our weekend activities.

This past Saturday, as part of the festival, there were displays by a number of re-enactment groups. I only took a few pictures but you can get the idea I think. You can click on each picture to make it larger so you can perhaps see better detail.

The first two pictures are of Revolutionary war soldiers. The first is an enlisted man. He is showing and demonstrating some of the items he would have needed and used.

The second picture is of an officer. He didn't look very happy but actually he was deep into a conversation at the time.

This picture is from the Civil war reenactment group. This shows a "recuiting" stand to get NY folks to volunteer for the North. No one was there when I was but I took the picture anyway.

My final picture in this group is of a woman doing bobbin lace. I own some of the bobbins but have never learned how to use them. It is a slow, patience needed, kind of art.

Come by my blog again tomorrow to see some pictures that will tell a bit about Mourning during the civil war era.

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