Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time to Relax and Catch up

The dizzying travel around the country side to attend BlueGrass festivals is over for a couple of months. Three festivals in 5 weeks may? be a bit too much. We Enjoyed the music, we got to see several friends we have met at other festivals and now it is time to stay home. I have to admit I started getting a cold on Friday and by Saturday it was affecting me a bit. It didn't stop us from attending a huge garage sale that morning but by mid afternoon I was a mess and ended up sleeping away the afternoon and evening...... I missed seeing one of the groups I really wanted to see but they will be at our next scheduled festival and Bill bought me one of their CD's so is isn't so bad.

I am hopeful now to get back to my mini making as soon as I can quit coughing.........
I have to finish up my little tea shop and another project I have started on but not mentioned here yet.

So keep checking in....

Tomorrow I will post the picture of a birdhouse type building I bought at the garage sale and want to turn into a 1/2 scale "something???" Any and all suggestions are welcome. Just add a comment if you think of something.

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