Friday, October 2, 2009

Gerome becomes a Blue Grass Fan

A week ago we loaded up our camper and headed to Upperco, Maryland for the Arcadia Blue Grass Festival. It is our third visit to a festival there and as usual we had a grand time though it was a bit different this time, cause we had Gerome along.

Upon returning home it took a while to get the pictures ready for the blog. But here they are.

As most of the GSOLFOT members who have hosted Gerome know.... he loves food. So naturally he was at the center of things when we stopped for lunch on our way to the Festival. This was at a favorite spot... The Interstate 83 Diner, near York PA. Of course he is standing right in front of a picture of dessert.
A tradition when we camp is to have french toast, sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Gerome was right there for it!

Finally the concerts began. The first group we saw was one of our favorites, Aspen Run. If you look closely you will see Gerome, sneaking on stage. If you click on these pictures you will see them better.
Another group we love is called the Blue Grass Brothers. They put on a wild show. And of course Gerome was getting braver and moved to center stage.

The final group Gerome bothered was Gold Wing Express. They had apparently set up a table and he jumped right on it.

After three days of watching great blue grass entertainers perform Gerome now he thinks he is a blue grass entertainer too.

There will be a final installment tomorrow.


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