Monday, October 26, 2009

Mini Monday

Trying to get better organized with blogging..... So will "try" to do something about Miniatures and Dollhouses every Monday.

Today I am going to show off a gift I just received. I belong to a group called GSOLFOT and every so often our illustrious leader says we must sign up for a "MAKE" It is usually dreaded at first cause we never know what we will be told to make but we sign up anyway and are always glad we did. The Autumn Make 2009 was to be a "character" not made of doll parts.

At first most of us were a little leary but things have come together. My very good friend Sally Watson (from the UK) got my name and I just received her "character" It is THE GREEN MAN. I love it. He is presently sitting outside a little woodland house project I have "sort of" started.
Here is the Green Man

Come by next Monday to see the "character" I made for my MAKE. I am just mailing it off today so need to give Gail time to receive it.

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