Monday, November 23, 2009

Mini Monday

Not a whole not of news on the mini front this week but did a couple of things.

I found a tapestry to add to one of the walls in my 1/12 doll house. Found it at my local mini shop... The Wee Home Shoppe. The lady that runs the shop, Ann Carol Malcolm, is a great help when you are looking for something special. I got the rugs that are on the floor of this living room from her shop as well.

Our local mini club had a meeting last Sunday and we made tiny little gingerbread houses using fimo. It is tricky to work with it this small. vHere are three pictures of it as I finished it. It would fit nicely on the coffee table in my 1/12 house. Maybe I will put it there for Christmas. The house is barely an inch tall.


Anne said...

Beth, you did a very impressive job with all the details on your tiny house. It is just amazing how much you were able to add to it.
Enn~ gsolfot

Beth said...

Thanks Anne, I had to use tweezers to do a lot of it. But happy it got done.
But I have to thank Theresa and Joan
who did all the work of creating all the very tiny parts.And then taught the class. It was fun.