Thursday, December 24, 2009

Artful Thursday and Kitty Cats

Happy Day Before Christmas

As this is my normal time for Artful Thursday I have a couple of things to show.
As mentioned in previous blogs I am working slowly on a class projects for a class called Remains of the Day by Mary Ann Moss.
This first picture shows all the pages I have cut out. They will have LOTS more added as I go along. But this is the way it begins. I have more pages than I really need "just in case."

And the second picture shows the paper scraps I will use in the second phase.
And now for the fun of our life.... out three kitties. The first picture is of our "bookend" cats. Spooky on the left and Tuffy on the right. They love to sit "up" where they can see and keep an eye on things.

And next Spooky is keeping a sharp eye on Bentley. He is a boy cat, a flame point siamese, who thinks he is royalty however Spooky doesn't agree.

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