Saturday, December 19, 2009

Continuing with "Remains of the Day" project

Last night my sewing machine was really humming along. I got out my pattern for the journal I am making, all my fabric scraps, my ironing board and iron and started the process.

This first picture is what it looked like after I picked out the fabrics I would be using. I laid them out to see how I would like them. In end however I left two of them out

In this next picture you can see how I stitched down the main pieces using a zig zag stitch in red.
I used red because it is one of the main colors in the piece AND because I LIKE IT.

And the final picture shows where I added a few other things. The leaf piece is part of a lace collar I had in my stash, the litte circle on the bottom was added cause I like that fabric and the flower was one I had. It may not stay. We shall see tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to show you the mostly finished cover. I still have to make the tie for it. AND who knows what changes I will end up making.
I would love to read your comments.

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