Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to stitching.

If you know me fairly well you know that I tend to jump from one hobby to the next. I go back to each every so often. As a result I am certainly never bored. I have been doing a lot of mini making and creating art projects lately so decided to go back to stitchery for awhile. I need to make an ornament for needlework group gift exchange...... it usually takes me many months to finish that one.
But in the mean time I have joined with an on line group called Stitch A Long that will encourage me to dig out my linen, floss, needles, embroidery hoop, buttons, beads and lace. Tonight I will start stitching. Each day from now until April 8th we are doing a 1 inch square, embroidered with a flower or some such thing. I am a few days behind so I hope tomorrow I will have 4 squares done to catch up. I may not always use straight embroidery. I might cross stitch or embellish with buttons and beads or lace, or what ever strikes me.
Here is where you can learn all about it..... 39 Stitches you just need to check back a few days for the first page of info.

So wish me luck..... I want to do this and I want to finish it. Some may be done as we travel and there fore may not be published every day. But I will play catch up when I get to a computer. We won't be traveling for a couple of weeks so don't worry about it now.

Bill's Update
Bill is improving from his accident but now has developed a very bad cold. I really think it is because he has been laid low with all his aches and pains from the accident and was just ripe for catching germs. So now we have to get him over his cold AND get him back moving without the limp and pain.

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