Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bentley the Cat is greatly improved!!

Bentley is recovering surprisingly well.  He can't walk yet but he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.... been off pain killer for 24 hours.....    He does all the necessary things though is a bit messy with the litter box.  Here are two pictures of him.  It is hard to believe that less than a week ago he was in such trouble and pain.

In the picture he is just "resting" in his little bed.  But if you look at his eyes you know he is plotting something to happen as soon as he can move properly again.
And in this second picture  he seems to be resting on his haunches.  He broke his pelvis and had fractures in his back legs so they "must" be healing.

To get to the litter box he still sort of pulls himself along though he tries to use his back legs but they won't let him.

We continue to be so thankful.  And a huge thanks to the folks at the Animal Emergency Veterinary Hospital.  Especially Dr. Haas.  We know he saved our kittie's life.


Anne said...

And all those Sockee Vibes helped him too and they continue to be sent to him. I still can't get over how he knew that you could help him and that he so painfully dragged himself home. What a guy! Of course he is doing well ~ his survival instinct is amazingly strong. You go, Bentley! XOXOXO
Anne (Enn) ~ Gsolfot

Debby said...

Yeah Bentley, Sweet baby, wishing him well and back to normal soon.