Monday, May 10, 2010

Bentley and Nature

Bentley is so improved that we are letting him walk around the house a bit during the day.  Yesterday he wanted to sit up in the kitchen window so he could look out and see all the stuff he was missing.
   Here he is looking out the window, sad that he is trapped inside.... like kids they don't always appreciate when we do something for their own good.
        Here is a little gold finch eating on the bag of niger seed.  Doesn't it look nice next to the beautiful petunias.
The wind had blown over top part of birdbath but the Blue Jay was still hopeful.
But after a lot of looking Bentley decided a nap would be better.

While he was sitting in the window I stayed close by working on a new project.  It is an interesting type of journal.  I will show pictures in the next day or so, after I get a bit farther along.

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