Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and quilt squares

No cat pictures today.  Instead you get to see some of the snow we were blessed with over night.  
The building in this picture is the back part of my antique shop and next to it,  my husbands workshop.  
It was the first real snow of the season.  About 6 or 7 inches I think.  The roads are clear now and I actually went to the grocery store a bit ago.  No problems walking or driving.

Last night I finished the sewing of 28 of the squares for the quilt.  Still have to sew 7 more I think.  Each square is a different combination of the fabrics.  It has been interesting trying to make it that way but so far so good.  So this is a picture of the 28 squares. 

I hope to start the final ones this evening and maybe finish them off tomorrow.  I have some other projects I need to start so really want the quilt top done by the weekend.  As to quilting it, well we shall see.  Being a bit lazy I will probably send it out to be machine quilted.  In the good old days I would have set up the quilt frame in the living room and quilted it by hand.  But probably not now.

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