Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New classes, new ideas, busy busy busy!

We went to Pocono Raceway which is fairly near our house, this past weekend.  We saw the Sprint Cup Race. Had a good time and met some nice people.  My favorite racer... Carl Edwards, didn't win.... oh well, he is still in first place  It was a very patriotic weekend at the races.  Out in the fan zone they had displays from various  military groups like the Marines, Army guard and such.  At the beginning of the race there was a lot of patriotic pomp and circumstance including a beautiful rendition of God Bless America.  Here is a picture of all the soldiers getting ready to do the opening ceremony.

Since I was away all weekend I didn't do a Tea Cup Tuesday entry.  You all can still check out the pages of the folks who did entries.  (Just click here...  to go to the site that has the list of those participating.)

I  been  busy this week collecting up things for a few on line classes I signed up for.  One is Full Tilt Boogie.  which I mentioned a few days ago.  Click on the title to go to the site for info.
Another is to make the most adorable Dress Forms....   Go to this blog entry to learn about them.  They are so cute. I have already started working on them.

Today I went to home in our area to pick up some little porcelain knobs to use on those forms.  I put a request in on Free-Cycle to see if anyone had any and sure enough I got a good response.  The fun part about going to the house was that I got to drive through one of the great covered bridges in our area.  And I enjoyed seeing all the kayakers out on the water, going under the bridge.  What fun.

 This morning I spent some time running through favorite blogs that  I have listed on my Google Reader.  While there I came up with the most wonderful tutorial on how to make paper tape using all sorts of paper.  I have some paper tape I have bought for other projects and it is ok but not really the designs I love.  This tutorial shows how to make my own with designs I really want.  You may want to check it out if you have an interest. Click here to go to Cathie Holden's blog to check it out!!!! 
I have ordered the adhesive sheets I need and will collect up everything else in the meantime.

Tomorrow I open my shop again for the remainder of the week.  I plan to work on some of these projects  while I am out there between customers.  Lots to do!!!!!

Oh yeah, right now I had better go do some housework.................................

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Nancy Lynn said...

I am nascar fan myself. We follow that religiously every Sunday or whenever they race. I am also excited about Cathie's tape project and agree that it looks fabulous. My order is in too for the positionable tape. I have tons of stuff to work with. Can't wait for the FTB class to begin.