Sunday, July 24, 2011

During the Heat wave things are still happening

We have had a really slow moving week with all this heat that has hit but things are still going on, My doll house club was having a big display of many of our projects during Danville, PA's Iron Heritage Festival.  I helped out a bit on three different days.  I will do a post about that tomorrow. 

But first.............  yesterday, while my shop was open I noticed a lot of bird activity around the front door of the shop.  Apparently there was a bird nest up on the side of the shop where I have a huge wreath with the name of my shop. We hadn't been open in almost two weeks due to travel so didn't see the activity.  Well  yesterday must have been the day the parents kicked out the little birds.  I was standing at the open front door when suddenly a tiny bird flew into me.....  and then landed on the ground.   He hopped around and I quickly closed the door.  He flew up to land on the ledge of the front door's window panes.   Here are a couple of pictures of the bird looking through the door window.

A bit later my husband came out and saw what was happening.  I went out side and suddenly the bird landed on my shoulder so my husband picked him off carefully.  There next two pics are of him holding the bird.  After this he set the bird up on the awning next to the wreath and parents much have come along and encouraged the little guy to get going again.

Nature up close and personal!

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Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

linda porcelna,
amei ver voces salvando o pequeno passaro!