Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hardware Store is my new craft shop

We live in a vast wasteland when it comes to shopping....  no craft shops, no Kohl's or Target. no book stores. You would think we live way out in the country.  Not so.  Just no decent stores......  Wal-mart pretty much is it.
We usually have to shop for things when we travel, or I go on line.

But we have SEVERAL  hardware stores AND Lowes and Home Depot.  So..........  I am learning to shop in those places for some of my crafting supplies. I guess the powers that be think we need those stores since we have so many.  But we aren't intellectual enough to need a bookstore...or creative enough to need craft stores,  we are after all only a small college town........  hmmmmm!!!!!!!

Yesterday, thanks to an "enabler" on my Full Tilt Boogie group I headed off to Lowe's to buy some interesting tape that I will be using in the art journals I am making by the Full Tilt Boogie method and the Remains of the Day method.  The tape, called EASY JOINT TAPE looks like the ribbon called "sequin waste".  It is made up of a LOT of holes.  It is self adhesive which is good....... And not to be wasteful, the backing will also be used for something as well. I can picture painting it and pasting it down. Or using it as a stencil.

My husband said he tried to use the stuff a number of years ago for its real purpose when he was putting up new drywall  in our home in Maine.  He said it didn't work for that at all...  LOL..... but it will work for what I am planning!  Too bad he didn't save it.  That was only about 20 years ago......

I won't be around here for a few days but I hope to have something to show, eventually, concerning the way I use it.

I also bought some twine while at Lowe's to use to crochet a European style string shopping bag.
Here is a pic of one I found on line so you will know what I mean.

Here are the directions I found on line:  Directions For String Bag.  I got them from a blog called
Crochet: the Extraordinary Realm.     So if you decide you need to make one, here are some directions AND you know you can find the twine at Lowe's or Wal-Mart for that matter.  Also the pattern called for Ace Brand Parcel Post Twice that you could get at an Ace Hardware Store.

I got a comment from someone about this post concerning shopping in local hardware stores and how much better they are.  Well my husband and I do shop at the locals as much as possible but sometimes they don't have what you need...........  or they cost way too much.   My husband went to the local hardware store and they had a 1/2 pint of lacquer for 9.98.  He bought a full pint for 12.00 at Home Depot.  Now I am all for supporting local stores and do a lot however reality says that sometimes you just can't. 

I generally shop the local one first but if they don't have what I want or I know it is WAY too much off the others I go.  Enough said!

Oh yes, before I forget......  click on this graphic for a great giveaway.

So, that is it today.  Got to get on with my day!!!!


Harris Anderson said...
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Harris Anderson said...

Hardware store helps a lot. There are a lot of things that we can create using hardware materials. Your creativity is one of them. Thanks for sharing.