Wednesday, August 17, 2011

While we were recently in Maine we went to a huge antique barn we used to frequent when we lived up there.  Located just outside Ellsworth Maine on Route 1, it is called the Chicken Barn because it was once a huge Chicken Barn.  We did buy a few little things but mostly we just looked.  Here are a few of the things we saw.  Since I sell linens in my shop I am always interested in seeing what others have to sell and how much they are asking.

 Dish Towels and or Hand Towels
 Hankies and more hankies.

I also saw a few other things of interest to me..................
 A cute child's rocker and a watering can.
A nice old dress.
And since this is Maine, some nice outdoor stuff.

I hoped you enjoyed your quick trip through the Chicken Barn.


Shirley said...

Dear Beth, looks like I will keep this on my list of places when we go off on weekends..Maine is always a great place to visit..
nice pictures...

Aunt Margi said...

The Big Chicken Barn was the best place you took us to. I was particularly enamored with the magazines! You said that Kirstie Alley really loved to go there and, sure enough, she was shopping and canoodling in the jewelry department with her (then) boyfriend. I want to go back!