Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another week of decluttering......

I am entering my third week of my decluttering campaign.  I have heard it said that if you do something for at least three weeks it will become a habit.

Here is my newest report....
       I got rid of 7 t-shirts that no longer fit.  They were from Nascar Races and Blue grass festivals so I hope someone will like them.  They went to the Salvation Army.  I also got rid of a Yankee candle that is almost new... but I never liked the smell.  And I sent off three figurines that are just collecting dust in this house.
That is 11 individual items.  Besides the 10 dolls I put on e-bay in last weeks list I also include some Avon Miniature Doll House furniture that really doesn't go in the doll houses I have now.  So I can count them as  2 cause they were two room settings.

And in the throw away line I filled two of the Tall Kitchen Bags with junk from my studio clean out.  I will just count them as two even though there were a lot of things in each bag.  I am already starting on another bag!

So my total for this week is:
7-t shirts
1 yankee candle
3 figurines
2 doll house rooms of furniture
and 2 tall kitchen bags of junk from my craft room

So I am counting a total of 15 items.

and up to date.. 33 from the past and 15 more means I am up to 48.  Not too bad considering the month is only a little over half over.  So with 366 items promised and 48 gone I am now at just 318 to go.

Working on  more goodies next week,  I am half way through filling another of those tall trash bags and am making a pile of craft supplies to donate to a local children's museum.

How are you doing in your decluttering?

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Sandra from Sydney said...

Ooooooh! well done! I might just join you in this de-cluttering I think. I certainly have a lot to get rid of!