Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decluttering. and Art Journals.


Another week, another decluttering list.

This week I worked in one of our upstairs bedrooms where we "store" stuff.  Sort of an "attic" in waiting.
I managed to get rid of a bedspread with two shams, a set of sheets, two lamps, a computer monitor  a CPU for the computer and a box of computer "junk.:  So that means 7 items added to the list.  It doesn't sound like much after last week but it was a LOT of volume!   The computer stuff is going to be recycled. The rest is going to the Salvation Army.  I am beginning to feel better and better about all this.

Up to last week my total was up to 48 items and I am adding 7 things this week.  So I am now at 55.  Which leaves 311 remaining.  I feel good about the fact that 55 items are gone for this month. I hope I can do as well in February.

As you know, if you follow my blog, I participate in a lot of swaps.  The current one is from the Blog called Speckled Eggs.  In the past we have done swaps using large match boxes filled with things for a specific theme.  This is a bit different this time as we are making journals for our swap partners.  They are supposed to be vintage  in Style and use the "composition books" as a base.  I have started mine and moving along.

The covers are done with some great upholstery fabric. 
 This inside cover is some handmade paper.
 And this is some scrapbook paper.
 Be sure to click on each picture to see them larger and more detail.

Now I have to work on the embellishments for the front covers. And some prompts and such for the inside  I have been playing with a few ideas but haven't decided anything for sure.  I hope to work on it this weekend.  I will show more as I move along.

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GardenofDaisies said...

Your journal is looking wonderful!!
You are doing great with the 366 challenge!! I need to start getting rid of some bigger things, not just small things. I shredded a few years of old tax documents the other day. I think I get to count that, don't you? I now have 5 empty storage boxes sitting in the basement... will probably use them when we do our yearly garage clean up. Those will be a great help in keeping the shelves organized out there.