Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting the new year right.


I have been inspired by a friend on another blog, GARDEN OF DAISIES,  to join in a chance to simplify my life a tiny bit by getting rid of at least one item a day.  According to her idea the item can be given away to a friend, sold, donated, or thrown away if it isn't any good to anyone.

Anyone want to join me and the other folks doing this?  Just say so in my comments.  Would love to have you join in.

I don't plan to just throw too much stuff away.  My goal is recycling in some way or another!

Below is the first pile of stuff to take to the Salation Army....  2 purses, two stuffed toys, two dolls in boxes, 1 clock, 3 baseball caps.   SO with those 10 items I am good through next Tuesday.
And I will be leaving shortly to get rid of that first box.
 And here is a pile of 5 books to take out to my shop.  If they don't sell after a few months they too will go to SA.
 To tell you the truth I have already started another pile for SA and one for Ebay.  I will talk about those next week.

I did get ride of a LOT of clothes that no longer fit me since in the past year I have lost so much weight (on purpose). I just took a bag of freshly cleaned winter clothes that were still very good but TOO BIG to the Salvation Army. (but that was LAST YEAR, last week....)   It felt so good.  Yes, I have gotten replacements but only about half  as many,.

I am lucky in a sense because I own an antique shop and some things that need to leave my house can go directly into the shop.  But they must be suitable for an antique shop!

Also I have joined a paper back book swap on line and have gotten rid of a lot of books I have already read.  Of course I get new ones to replace them but at the moment I have mailed off 18 more than I have requested. That must mean something. (LOL)
 I have been cleaning up my studio lately too and have been getting brutal about throwing away stuff that serves no purpose what so ever.  Haven't and probably wont report that here.  That is just just an extra thing.
 But I am looking for places to donate extra craft supplies and fabric.  I will report more on that later too.

So here goes

  15 of 366   Only 345 go.
Check in again next Thursday!!


GardenofDaisies said...

Beth, you've made a great start!! YAY!! I'm in the process of boxing up the last of our Christmas Tree ornaments, and found a few more things to put in a donate pile.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Yes Beth, I am going to join you too. Probably starting with my wardrobe, but also going through things that I have in storage and then my craft room. Mind you, one of my storage sheds holds resources from 20+ years of teaching so I could account for several years' worth of items in one fell swoop with that :)