Friday, February 3, 2012



            I was going to combine the decluttering info and the finished altered journals together this week but it will have to wait.  I am behind on the decluttering report  because we were away from home all day yesterday. And I want to wait on showing all  altered journals until the folks I swapped with receive them and I have received both.  I got one today and it gorgeous... but you will have to wait another couple of days.

            I got rid of a lot more things this week.  They were out on the front porch that is more a store room than a porch at the moment. Maybe once it is cleared out I can use it again.  It is enclosed so can be enjoyed in a couple of seasons anyway.
            I managed to get rid of a comforter that I don't really like, three sets of sheets, another lamp, a toy that came from somewhere that is still in its box....  sigh....   And four purses.  The local Salvation Army may not like me anymore.  But I am keeping the people in the donation center busy.
SO for this week 10 more things.  I counted the sheet sets as 1 each even though they included top, bottom and pillow cases.  But don't want to get too greedy with my amount.

The count is now up to 65 (55 in January) so I need only 301 more things to go.  It seems like it is getting easier.  I wasn't sure about it but my husband is getting into the swing of things a bit now too.  At least he is agreeing on the things I want to get rid of and helps carry them to the car.  (LOL)

Tune in again soon for another report.............

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