Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilting class

Today I went to a class at our local quilt shop to "attempt" to learn Machine Quilting.  I am pretty sure I have a really long ways to go but it was fun and with practice
I might be half way decent.  As we were working along my instructor commented that in every class she had a "miniature" quilter and it was me.  Of course that didn't seem so strange since i have been working on miniatures and doll houses for a long time.  I finally realized that I was doing my designs very small and most everyone else was doing big ones.......  hmmmmm..... wonder why that is.  So I guess I will now have to make a quilt for my current doll house....    And then, learn to do "larger scale work" for regular quilts.      LOL
No pictures to share at this point. Maybe when I get a bit more confident.

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