Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crafting with old maps


I just can't get myself to throw away this old road atlas after we bought a new one.  If has served us well but maybe a bit too well since it is falling apart and hard to use sometimes..
 (Yes we still use maps because GPS can occasionally prove itself WRONG and at least with the map as back up we have a better idea where we are!  Mapquest isn't much better by the way.  Sometimes we end up having to use all three but that is a story for another day.... LOL)

      I went to the search engines to find some ways to use them in crafts.  Anyone with other suggestions?  
Be sure to come back later to see what I finally figured out. (if anything)

These are some of the ideas I found. 
  1. Maps make great envelopes! Just use an envelope template, and you're ready to rock! Since your address info might not show up so well on the busy map paper, you may need to use a label for the address. You can use a sticky label or cut labels from reclaimed, plainer paper and glue stick them onto your envelopes.
  2. Make glue-free bunting. We've talked here before about making your own party decorations. Next time you're planning a shindig, you can use an old map to whip up some glue-free bunting to decorate!
  3. Map tree centerpiece. This lovely paper tree would look great if you cut the leaves out of old maps!
  4. Create a map cork board. Over at Design*Sponge, the BBB Craft Sisters show you how to turn an old road map into a super sassy cork board.
  5. Weave a map basket. The folks at Make:Projects show you how to weave old maps into a functional basket.

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GardenofDaisies said...

LOVE this! I have to tell you that I am a huge geography nut, and I LOVE maps. My family knows that if I have been quiet for too long, it's probably because I have my head buried in an atlas someplace. I've seen old furniture recovered with decoupaged maps at some of the vintage shops. I really want one of those, but will probably have to make my own, as they are kinda pricey.