Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two quilt projects FINISHED!

Last night I finished up the binding on a table runner I just made.  And a couple of days before that I put some binding on a wall hanging I made a while back.

I am only just learning the proper way to bind quilts and this is my second and third attempt.  I showed you the first one a week or two ago.

The first quilt I finished this week is one I actually finished making awhile ago but since I didn't know how to put the binding on the right way I had been putting it off.  After my binding class a couple of weeks ago I now have pretty much the required confidence to do it.  It isn't hard but you need to know the correct technique to do it properly.
Here is a picture of the wall hanging quilt.  The center section was a pre-printed panel.  I added the two inner borders and pieced the small quares on the outer border.  I think this will look nice up on the bedroom wall for the summer.

   The next picture is of the table runner I made.  This one proved a challenge in two ways.  I had never done much machine applique so had to go slowly as I learned.  And the second thing was the binding.  Most quilts have 90degree corners like the one in the picture above so putting on the binding is pretty straight forward.
The one below here has 135 degree corners so I had some learning to do.  I was ale to find a great site on the internet where I could learn how to do it.  So now I have even more confidence in putting on a border. 
 Below I have listed the two links to locations I used in these projects.

To make a standard 90 degree quilt binding:

And to make the border I did on the table runner:

I wonder what new thing I will have to learn on my next project.


D said...

Very nice!

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness, you are so talented! I wish I could sew like that. I can't wait to retire so I will have more time to do these things, I have always loved pictures made from fabric. Love that bicycle wall hanging of yours. Beautiful.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Very pretty quilts!I know from experience how those corners that differ from 90deg can be tricky! Thanks for the links, I have made a note of them. My quilting cupboard is bulging with UFOs - you are very good finishing your projects off. I am an enthusiastic piecer but reluctant when it comes to the quilting, especially stippling. Hugs, Sandie