Monday, June 25, 2012

Final Teacup Tuesday in June

Another month ending, and actually 1/2 of a year nearly gone.  Wow, time is moving fast!

This week I am showing you two more cup and saucer sets I saw last week at the Black Diamond Antique shop in Frackville, PA.
The two sets today have blue flowers but very different designs.

The first set is a little hand painted one I think I may have shown before, or one very similar.  I had one in my shop but sold it awhile ago.  It is made by Melba Bone China.
I think it is so sweet.  The little blue handpainted blue flowers really make it special.

The first of the pictures is of the cup and saucer.  This next one is of the little consume cup and saucer.  If you notice, the saucer is square on this one, round on the other.
 And here is the Mark.  If you notice, there is no pattern name listed.  The numbers no doubt represent the artist who did the painting.

 This next set is from Rosina Queens China.  I don't know why it has the two different names.  The mark shows that it is Queens china from Rosina China Co.  I thought it was a very pretty.
This set is nice because it has the dessert plate.

Although it is a bit too shiny to read easily it does say that the pattern is Wild Flowers.  I think there may be other patterns in this style.  Don't know for sure.

I hope we can get to my favorite flea market this Wednesday and if so I hope to find some more cup and saucers to photograph.  Maybe I can find some other interesting stuff too.
So be sure to check back next Tuesday.

Meanwhile Thanks for visiting my site today.......

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Beth,
Your blues are so very pretty. The trio, I think, is especially pretty. Lovely shape. Thank you for joining me for tea and enjoy your week. I look forward to seeing your photos from the outing on Wednesday.


audenora maria said...

OI...tudo bem? Você é colecionadora desses lindos jogos de chá?

audenora maria said...
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KathyB. said...

I love blue & white china, and these are sweet sets.The square saucer is very nice, making it even more appealing.

Snap said...

I love blues and each is so different. I love the shape of the Rosina cup. Lovely!!! Happy Tea Day!

Kathryn Ross said...

Delightful blues! LOVE the Rosina Queens set - such a pretty pattern! Be ye blessed!

Terri said...

Hello Beth, lovely blue and white china today! I am thinking the 4 digit number on the bottom of the cup is the pattern #. Not many cups have the pattern name on them. Some don't even have a number. I was thinking the little tic marks are the artists mark.
Rosina cups have such a good shape too.

GardenofDaisies said...

I adore little blue flowers! So these pieces are extra pretty in my opinion! :-)

Antiques And Teacups said...

I just love blue so your teacups are wonderful! I have always loved the art deco hand painted ones, and Rosina is a favorite maker.

Johanna said...

Hi beth,
both tea cups are beautiful. Love the soft blue. I wish you much success on the summer flea market.
Best greetings, Johanna

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Beth: Love the blue cups. I have always love the ones that are Art Deco. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Martha