Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pretty Pin Cushion

I  belong to a really fun group on line that makes quilts and guilty type gifts.

   This weeks project was a Tea Cup Pin Cushion.  Since I have a shop full of them the only hard part was deciding which one to use.  That is pretty much why I showed the RoseDale cup and saucer on this weeks edition of Tea Cup Tuesday.  I have several in the shop so figured it would be a good choice.  I visited my craft room and found what I needed to make it.  And so here it is.

To stuff the ball I started with a piece of 0000 (4 ought) steel wool (very fine.)  I put a piece of stuffing in first, then the steel wool and finally added stuffing and stuffing until it was how I wanted it.  I used the hot glue gun to hold it in place, added the trim and then the little flowers.  And I also used hot glue to hold the cup in place. 

I may make  more now that I know it isn't that had.  Just need patience.

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