Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leesport rewards me again.....

Last week we managed to get to our favorite flea market in Leesport and while I was supposed to looking for things for my antique shop I OF COURSE was looking for things for my quilting hobby.  This week I found some fabric and a few pattern and idea books.  And this one called Pockets of Hearts really hit my heart!
 Over this past weekend I actually made a couple of projects from the book.
 On the cover you can see the mini quilt I ended up making. 
 Actually, I still have to quilt it but the applique is done.
In addition I made some wood felt pockets and filled them with  flowers.  The dried rose in the pocket on the right is from a bouquet I received from my husband.  I need to hang them up somewhere to enjoy them more.

If you are interested in the book I imagine it may no longer be in print but you might be able to find it on etsy or eBay.  It is published by Vanilla House. 

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