Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The making of a new travel journal

     We are planning a trip soon and I decided I would make myself a travel journal just for the trip.  I found a book in my personal library that I hadn't looked at in a while.  I used it as inspiration although my journal looks nothing like anything in the book.  Rebound    is the name of the book I mentioned.  It gives ideas on making books using all sorts of recycled materials even including potato ship bags and game boards.

Well for my book I went to my scrapbooking papers and found a few things and then just kept adding papers until I had three signatures.  I proceeded to make the book much like I learned in one of Mary Ann Moss's classes.

The cover contains two stickers.  One for the label and another that says  "A journey is best measured by friends rather than miles.  (this is a quote from Tim Cahill..... a travel writer.)

I made the cover bigger than the signatures and added a little panel that had elastic added so I can keep a pen, highlighter and a pencil handy.

 Here is one of the pages.  I added a pretty little envelope to this page.  There are a number of envelopes available throughout the book.  Have to have a place to keep the "souvenirs" and other things I get along the way.
Once the book was complete, I knew I needed to find a box to hold it, other markers, scissors, glue and some of the stickers and things I will need along the way.  I had this nice tea box just waiting for such a project.
 I put the book and pens etc. in the bottom of the box.  Inside the top of the box I added a couple of elastic bands to hold all the stickers etc. in place.  I am quite pleased with the way it turned out!
I will post some pictures once the trip is behind us and the book is full! 


Leanne said...

Nice! I'd put your glue in a ziplock baggie if you are flying, and you might consider doing the same for your pens, although I've only had two pens ever get a small leak from being in a plane. It's the pressure changes.

I love the idea of putting your most essential pen and pencil inside the book cover. That's genius :)

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Nice job! I like it - cute and efficient.

Halle said...

Love that it all fits in a box! Awesome job.

Jessica Loughrey said...

love this! i love the idea of having the most used pens inside of the cover and i love having everything stored together in the box.

Beth said...

We will be driving so dont absolutely need the baggies but it might be a good idea anyway.

Jill Holmes said...

Love this! Saw your post on FTB group site.

donnaj said...

turned out great! look forward to seeing it once it's full :)

Caatje said...

That looks lovely and a little fancy and chic too! Great job!

Jacoba said...

So original, Beth, and it will hold so many wonderful memories of your travels! Very nice!

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Beth-that is so cool!
I have always wanted to do a travel journal while traveling but didn't know how to get organized. Thanks to you, now I know!
Thank you so much for sharing :)