Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabric Flower Friday #2

Before I show you what I made for this week I thought I would show you what I have done with some of the flowers I made for last week's blog post. If you didn't see that post lick on this link.

These show a couple of felted wool pocketbooks I bought a while back from  Joggles.  They are a fun craft site where they have supplies, books, classes and more.  I don't think they still have these bags but if you ask they might know where to find them.

I took the first picture on the back porch.  It is so much brighter using outside light.
 The color is actually somewhere between the two.
 And the color on the second bag didn't change much... strange........
I put these flowers on with pins so they can be removed for other uses.

The flowers I have chosen to show you today are ones I will probably make as broaches to wear on a dress or shirt.  I found the pattern at this site so won't repeat it here.  You can go there to get the pattern and directions.

 Here are the two flowers I made.  I found the fabrics at my local quilt shop and they seemed appropriate for the flowers I wanted to make. The centers are vintage buttons I got while I was visiting in Maine this summer.
 This flower was made from some special fabric that was filled with french wording and designs.  It also has the word journal on the fabric though not on the part of the flower.  I will probably use that on a journal cover one of these days.
 This black and white design, while not lettering gives you the same idea I  think and I thought the red button gave it a bit of a pop.  I can wear it with my black and white checked blouse I think.

Remember to come back on Tuesday for TEACUP TUESDAY and next Friday for another installment of fabric flowers.  See what I have created this time.

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Terri said...

Hello Beth,
Your bags are really lovely! I have wanted to try to make one of these too, but haven't had the time yet. Your flowers are really pretty as well. You are so creative!