Friday, October 26, 2012

Fabric Flower Friday

First I couldn't resist taking this picture.  The leaves are beautiful now.  But if you look on the ground you know we will soon "pay" for that beauty by raking... well leaf blowing actually.

A while ago I found this book on making Kanzashi flowers. To tell you the truth I don't even remember where I got it.  But I just love the look of the flowers and so...obviously had to have it.

I found this Kanzashi  flower maker somewhere.  No stickers on the package so not sure.  I have had them for a while and only just now decided to use.  You don't need the little makers if you have the book.  They show you how to do it without it.  But I always seem to need the "gadget."

Below you see the fabric, the maker and the package.  Also the first two petals.

I did finally get the petals all done and joined together.  This is the back side, I glued them to this plain button.  I plan on attaching a pin back to the flat surface of the button.

 And here is the front.  I used a fancy button for the center.  I simply used my glue gun because I didn't have anyother heavy duty available when I decided to finish these.

So I did make one and I probably will eventually make more.  But I have to tell you, with my very arthritic thumbs it was very show going.  I hope the way without the little maker will be easier.  We shall have to wait and see about that.

And below here are some of the other little "kits" Clover makes... they may be available at JoAnn's I think. Or google them.  Clover also has yo-yo makers.  Lots of fun

Don't know if I will be back next week or not.  Have some family plans that may preclude that.  But check just in case.  Do however join me for Tea Cup Tuesday.  It is always fun.

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