Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready for A Ticket to Venice

Last Sunday I told you about the upcoming class I will be taking called A Ticket to Venice.  It is still a couple of weeks away but wanted to keep my promise of showing you work I did on another Mary Ann Moss class called Full Tilt Boogie.
This was making a journal learning to sew signatures together to create the book.

Here are a few pictures of the first journal I created in the FTB class.

 I used an old journal cover.  Added some floral scrapbooking paper and used some vintage fabric and buttons to make the binding.

I then created 8 signatures out of paper from scrapbooking supplies, old pages from empty journals, water color paper and what ever else I had on hand at the time.

 I decided I wanted to create a photo album out of this journal, using pictures of my home, my gardens, my cats and some pictures I had taken on some of my travels.
Here are a couple of layouts I created from shots from my garden.  In the first one I added some cute little cards with butterflies and flowers.  Inside the cards I wrote commentary on the pictures.  Sort of makes it interactive.
The second spread shows some pictures of my garden taken one spring.
Come back next Sunday for a look at another Full Tilt Boogie journal I created.

Hope seeing these will make you curious about Mary Ann Moss and her classes and maybe make you want to sign up for one.

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Anne Payne said...

I love this art journal! I'm a scrapbooker who is just now dipping my fingers into art journaling :)