Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Quilting I will go.........

While we were at the Bluegrass festival last week I managed to sneak away to visit a couple of quilt shops.  I am always on the look out for interesting fabrics and finds.

The first shop I visited was called Mary Lee's and it was located in Belleville, Pa, just a few miles down the road from where the festival was held.  They sold a lot of fabric that is no doubt bought by the mennonite ladies in the area because I saw a number of them in the shop purchasing fabric AND in one area of the shop I noticed a lot of the fabric that looked like what I see them wearing.

Here are a few pictures from the shop.  They had a lot of nice fabrics.

The next shop I visited from called Bucanans Fabrics and Quilts and it was located on the same road, a few miles farther along in the little village of Menno, PA. (although the mailing address is apparently Belleville, Pa)

One of my recent favorite things to do is to applique with wool and this shop had a fantastic selection of wool.  Best I have seen anywhere! They had it in small pieces, fat quarters and larger.  I managed to find quite a few items to buy from this section!
They also had a lot of other fabrics including some I had never seen anywhere else.  One lady was buying a number of different fabics with rural scenes. She makes applique quilts using cutouts from this kind of fabric. Would have been interesting to see the results.  I also liked the selection of fat quarters from regular fabric and managed to bring home a "few".

  So if you ever are in central Pennsylvania and need to find a quilt shop I can definitely recommend these two.  Come back and see me again on Tuesday for the next installment of Teacup Tuesday.

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Kathy Biggs said...

What fabulous shops! They look so neat and organized and BIG. Lucky you getting to play in their stores. lol