Monday, January 14, 2013

Folk Magazine blogging #2

I am back with the Folk Magazine Blogging Challenge of the Week

FOLK Magazine

For this week they were wondering about what have you done you didn't think you would ever do.
At first I couldn't even imagine what to say about this.  I suppose you could say I NEVER thought I would go to a Nascar race and now we go to at least 1 a year and have been up to 4 one year.
I won't be riding motorcycles, jumping out of planes or any of those supposedly really "scary"  things.  I don't even like to fly in an airplane.  I would certainly never jump out of one.....   LOL

  However, I have started to simplify my life a bit.
So I suppose you could say I never expected to be willing to part with issues of old magazines that I loved.  Or books on subjects I "might" want to get back to. 

Last year I started a purge of unwanted items from my house and that got me to thinking about why on earth I am keeping some of this stuff (magazines in particular) especially since so many ideas are available on the internet.
SO.....  I started getting rid of magazines. They have always been one of  biggest weaknesses.  Some people like shoes, I like magazines.

Over the summer I got rid of well over 100 magazines, crafts ones mostly.  At first I went through all the magazines, pulled out what I wanted to keep and threw away the rest.  In the past few weeks I have been giving many of them away on Freecycle. (These are ones that I left intact.)  It feels good to have them go to someone who will appreciate them now. In case you were wondering, some of these magazines have been around since we lived in Maine, over 15 years ago!
This week I am getting rid of magazines likes Cook's Illustrated, Cuisine at Home and other similar ones.  I have taken out the recipes I want and they will go in a loose leaf notebook.  The others I am offering to my shop customers if they want them.  And then finally they will go to recycling.  If feels good to suddenly have empty spaces appearing!
So that is what I am doing that I never thought I would do!

What are you doing that you never thought you would do?


Tammy Killough said...

Oh MY! I so want to get this same thing done this year. I have magazines all over my house, and can't seem to let them go. ~Tammy

Beth said...

Well, Tammy, I started with a small pile. Just do a few that you really know you don't need. It is so liberating!!!!! And now I have space to put things that need homes instead of being stacked where they don't belong.

Hillary Lewis said...

Of course you aren't getting rid of any copies of FOLK though, right? :)

I am glad to hear you are getting things cleared out. That's such a liberating feeling and is something I really need to do as well. My lease is up in May. I'm looking forward to a major purge at that point. Everything is NOT going with me.

May said...

You will feel so good once you have tackled this project. Then you really will ask yourself why you were holding on!

Sherry said...

There is a sense of lightness and freedom in getting rid of something we thought we would always want...we realize so much about ourselves in the process.