Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A nifty bookstore in Philly

   We had to take our son to Philadelphia on Tuesday for an eye appointment and it allowed us some time to walk around and enjoy the city. Philadelphia is a very big city naturally and takes a bit of getting used to when you are coming in from a small town like we were.  Thankfully the weather cooperated on this winter day.  It is a very good "walking city" and the folks there were very friendly as they should be in "the city of Brotherly Love."  On a side street we discovered a great little bookstore and had a very nice chat with the owner.  Bill enjoyed himself in the history and war section and found himself two good books.  I just enjoyed being in a bookstore. Especially a really friendly feeling one like this.   I miss having them around where we live!  If I lived nearby I would probably go there a LOT.

The name of the shop is MOSTLY BOOKS which pretty much sums it up! If you are ever in Philadelphia be sure to visit.   This shop is at 259 S. 10th Street and his other one is at 529 Bainbridge St.  (both in the city!)  He has a Facebook page where you can learn a bit more.  Click here to go there.  He puts up interesting questions about past folks and events. You can "earn a gold star" if you are the first to answer correctly.  FUN!!!

Here are a couple more pictures of the shop.  And my hubby visiting with the bookseller.  In addition to this shop he also has another, larger shop a few blocks away.  We will have to check that out next visit.

I love the fact that there are tables and chairs to sit down and read.  In his other shop he has even more comfortable seating I have learned.
   The books were nicely organized by category so if you were looking for something special you can find it pretty easily.
After our pleasant interlude at the bookstore  we headed up closer to the main part of town. We arrived on  Market street which has lots of large stores AND.... The Gallery Mall.

The Gallery Mall, Philadelphia is a fun mall as a lot of it is underground and the train even runs through the edge of it.  We stopped in there to see what it was all about.

And when we entered the Food Court  we found the  TWO STREET CAFE

    Bill wanted a Philly Cheese Steak and what better place than the middle of Philly.  I had a great spicy chicken salad sandwich.  I forget what they called it, but it was not like any chicken salad sandwich you might have ever had.  It was yum.  And if we are ever in that area we will eat there again I am sure.

It was very "tired" out when we finally got home.  But with those two highlights it wasn't a bad day.
And we beat the storm weather home.

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GardenofDaisies said...

I love book stores like this, too. You will find me, sitting on the floor, with a whole pile of books next to me.