Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year.

                       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

For all my followers.... I will have to apologize.  I have not been here for ages.  Things change,  and life happens.   In the past year, since I was last here I have had surgery on my left hand to make the PAIN GO AWAY.  That took awhile but things seem back to normal now.

After that was resolved I seemed to get into quilting in an even bigger way, also more paper arts and just generally keeping busy, busy, busy.    We did a good bit of traveling this past year going to two Nascar Races and three Bluegrass Festivals.  Also a big trip to Maine and Canada and a few side trips to visit my daughter.  But for the next few months we are HOME and I plan to do a lot of sewing.

So...... back to quilting.
I did actually get one finished this past fall to give to my daughter for her birthday.  She, like me, loves Coffee so that was the theme of the quilt.  I used a pattern from a Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine and then made it my way.  So it is similar but different.  Instead of coffee cups in each square like the original pattern indicated I appliqued coffee "sayings" that I had created with my   embroidery machine.  If you click on the whole quilt picture you can see it better I think.

My next goal is to finish the TWO  block of the month quilts I have been working on during the past year.  Just a few more squares and I should be able to put them together.  Then I can send them off to my finish quilter.  I was going to try and do my own machine quilting BUT I know if I want to get them done in this life time I will have to break down and do that step.  I love the sewing the top part way more than the final stage!  And my quilting lady does a great job!!!   So this way I should have several finished quilts by the end of  next year.
    I made a master picture of where the finished quilt pieces will go and then added in pictures as I went... until July when we started traveling in earnest and I just never had time to take pics. I did add a few more but still not complete.

This first picture shows how I am working on the Block of the month project from Country Threads.  I still have a couple of squares to make and a LOT of strips to put in other places, but haven't put the rest of the completed squares into this picture yet.  It gives you an idea though.

And the next picture shows the quilt I am working on from Craftsy.  (I take a lot of classes from Craftsy.)  I am also nearly done with this one, just haven't taken a picture is a while. 
Both of these Block of the Month quilts helped me reduce "some" of my stash!.  Lots more still available though.

Meanwhile I have started a new Block of the Month quilt with a group I belong to on line. That is coming along fine.  We started in Nov. and I have finished those blocks and the Dec. blocks as well.

I always say I will make some resolutions and then never keep them.  This year I have made some "suggestions" to myself and hope I can go beyond the Suggestion level.  I found several little projects that have been sitting, patiently, waiting for me to work on them.  No promises but if I actually finish them I will post as I go along.

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