Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day to all my blogger friends.

 Snowy Days and Fellowship of Flowers

Since we can't seem to break the back of winter.....  it is getting sort of like the energizer bunny.... just coming and coming and coming.    So I am so thankful I can participate in Michelle's Fellowship of Flowers.

I did the third flower of the month  shown here at the top of  the first two, though I am not crazy about my work.  I am seriously considering changing the black yarn.  I have been trying to ONLY use items in my overwhelming stash so sometimes my choices aren't the greatest.  This time the yarn is too thick.  I will try something different I think, if I can find something I like better.  It won't be too hard to redo I don't think.

The next flower in this series is a daisy and what she has shown us is lovely.  So I will be working on that as soon as I get the felt cut out and supplies gathered.  I think she told us there were 6 flowers in this next set. So we are at the half way point.  I look forward to seeing what she had in mind for us to do with these.

If you are thinking you still might want to get involved with all this be sure to check her blog.  The patterns and instructions and all are just  $35 through Craftsy.  You can also buy supplies from her if you are not  "blessed" with an over abundance of "stuff" already like I am.  Click on the logo on the right side bar.  (no she didn't ask me to do this....  I just happen to believe this is a really good deal and FUN)


Bernideen said...

This is really beautiful! I see this sometimes in antique malls on old pieces and know nothing about it but it is lovely!

Sarah Lizzie said...

These are lovely. I rather like the black stitching, especially on the pink.