Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowy Stormy Days and February Fellowship of Flowers

 As our winter continues I keep getting opportunities to take interesting snow scene pictures.  This is a shot across the road from my house.  The "smoke" you see is what some call "sea smoke" along the Susquehanna River. The "smoke" is just beyond the line of trees.   It is caused, I think, when air temps are different from water temps.. Or something like that.....  One definition I found said  "Steam fog forms when cool air moves over and mixes with the relatively warm and moist air near the surface of the water. The moist air then cools and becomes saturated, causing fog to form."    What ever the cause,  it is pretty.                

This next picture was taken yesterday morning when the sun was coming up.  Quite a "Christmas Card" scene I thought.

         I have completed two of the flowers of the six we have been told will be part of this month's project.  AND the third one is cut out....  I should start embellishing this evening.  I felt like I was getting behind a bit while working on the bell pull, but by working diligently I think I am presently caught up.  If you haven't seen the bell pull I made you can check back a couple of posts.  And check out Michelle's blog from a week ago to see what she did.  We did very different projects.

Here are the two flowers I have finished do far.....

 I am continuing to use ONLY things from my stash of fabrics, felts and such.  I even found those cute little buttons in my button box.  I think they must have been from when I was making doll clothes.  They are tiny.  I don't have any more so they will only show up on these two flowers.

Keep checking back.  I should continue to have a post of some kind about the Fellowship of Flowers every week... sometime between Wed. and Fri.  AND of course be sure to check here on Tuesdays for   Tea Cup Tuesday posts.  (although I admit they sometimes show up on Mondays.)


Cindy said...

I look forward to the next 4 flowers. Lovely wintery shot, we just call it fog

Beth said...

Your "Christmas card" photos are BEAUTIFUL! Did you know you can actually make cards through Shutterfly? I did that just yesterday with a beach photo...thought it would make a very nice notecard.

xinex said...

Your snow photos are awesome! The flowers are very pretty too. You are very talented and crafty...Christine

Donna Heber said...

Hi Beth,

Your photos are stunning! I agree it would make a perfect Christmas card. Stay warm :-)