Friday, March 14, 2014

A Fellowship of Flowers update.

I said I was getting a bit behind in the Fellowship of Flowers project and it is true.  BUT..... I am working on it.   The project for the flowers made in February is a Table Topper.  I have started putting it together and here is a picture of my start....

I STILL have to do 7 'bee" motifs.  They are cut out but barely started on the embroidery so won't show yet.

My new plan is the work on the complete project for a month in the next month.  That way I can decide on how best to utilize my own stash in the projects.  I am trying to USE UP stuff instead of having to be continually buying more.

So for March I am finishing up the February project.  If you want to see what Michelle has done for the Feb. project check out the Raspberry Rabbit link on the side bar.  Mine won't be exactly like hers cause I am using different materials.  But I LOVE her inspiration!

And be sure to check back on Tuesday for the next Tea Party.....


Cindy said...

This is a good idea.... stick to a hobby for the full month. I took knitting on the road with me and was almost to the toe of the first sock and didn't have plugs for the end of the needles. The knitting came off and dropped lots of stitches and I can't pick it up, so sad. Good luck with you plan


You are talented and how great it is to plan a hobby for the month, I should, but I'm not that clever, hon! I love what you are doing, how I wish I still had my sewing machine I gave away several years ago.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
PS: Maybe I'll are inspiring me!