Monday, March 24, 2014

Tea and cookies

 Blue Willow will always be my favorite.  But I like most blue and white china.  I collect it all.  I have some very old, some new and a lot inbetween.  I don't know why but I just love the look of it on the table. And displayed in my cupboards.

It all started when one of my Canadian cousins gave me a couple of very old blue willow plates she had bought at a church sale.  Right then I decided I would add to those plates.  My rule became, if it was blue and white I would get it....  I have English, Dutch, Japanese and American.  Most are the traditional blue willow but many are some of the other transfer ware patterns and some are delft from Holland.  I just love they way they all go together.

   I brought some of my pieces together to set up for a tea party.  I think I will have Earl Grey Vanilla today. 

 I am using my Sadler Teapot.

And a sugar and creamer set that has no mark.  I like it because of its interesting shape and it is really different than most of the other items I have.

For the cup and saucer I am using an old set from occupied Japan.  It looks to be cobalt blue.

Don't you just love the extra design inside the cup.

And here is the mark....
And finally here is a plate of cookies to have with tea today.  I am serving them on that original plate given to me by my Canadian cousin Helen, those many years ago.

 Here is the mark.... you can see it is very old.  I don't often use this plate.  I would be VERY unhappy if something happened to it.

Here is the link to the recipe for the cookies:    Pineapple and Pecan cookies. 
They really are yummy.  You will notice I also added pecans on top of the frosting, something the original recipe doesn't call for.  I just like them that way.

I have joined with the following Tea Cup Tuesday Tea Parties.

Hope you will visit them too.

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for another Tea Party and join me on Thursdays or Fridays for my project updates.+


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Yum, your cookies sound delicious, Beth. I love blue and white too but I have only a few pieces because of course, I collect red/pink and white. I cannot collect everything although I must confess that if I had the room, I would collect all the colours of transferware because I love it. I find it so very charming in every way especially the older pieces. Thanks for joining me for Tea Time and have a lovely day.


Snap said...

I love blue and white and would collect more, but I've run out of room! I love pineapple and will have to try these cookies. Happy Tea Day!

Ruth Weston said...

I'm with you Beth...If it's blue and white I LOVE it! You have a wonderful collection! The cookies look wonderful...I'm saving that recipe! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

My childhood tea set was blue willow and all I have left is the dinner platter which I use for a soap dish.
Although I don't have much in the way of blue and white for tea, outside I have various pieces I put in my Japanese garden.
Mmm, the cookies look yummy!

kitty said...

I love your blue and white along with the yellow, Beth. It's such a pretty color combo. Your cookies sound delicious and perfect for a tea time treat.

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

I am a big fan of Blue Willow as well! What a lovely collection of blue and white you have! The Sadler teapot is a beauty!And the cookies look delicious,thanks for sharing a cup of tea with us:) Happy week!~hugs, Poppy

Kim said...

Oh I would love to sit awhile with you, and have a bo peep at all your gorgeous china. Blue and white china is lovely isn't it; it seems to be a favourite with a lot of people.

Carrie said...

Your blue and white dishes are beautiful! Especially nice with the yellow accents in the pictures. I like the creamer and that a castle on them and a boat in front?

Terri said...

Hello Beth,
Mmmmm, I am loving those cookies!
And your tansferware collection! I do love all blue and white china. It is just so cheery and looks amazing all out together.
The sadler tea pot is stunning. I have never seen that tea pot at any shop, and always hope I will : )
I am so glad you have it!
Happy spring!

Susan Clayton said...

Love the blue and white. I am always tempted by it but - where to store it?! Have a blessed week.

Beth said...

Love your blue willow, especially the teacup with its deep blue shade. It amazes me that so many different companies made items in the blue willow pattern. Seems there is a copyright on most china patterns now. Lovely collectibles!

Denise said...

Your blue and white transferware is so pretty.Wonderful You have a large collection for Yourself to enjoy.They remind Me of My Mother,who also had a wonderful collection.I have lots of brown and white transferware I've collected through the years.-Blessings Denise

The Charm of Home said...

You have some lovely Blue Willow. I just recently discovered the story behind the images on it. So neat!

Karen said...

Hi Beth,
Your blue and white tea is so pretty. Yes, I love all Sadler teapots too! It is all so lovely - your teacup, cream and sugar - sweet. How I wish I could try one of your cookies. Iced cookies are my favourite.
Thank you for visiting me.
Have a wonderful week!

Lady of the Manor said...

I love your blue and white tea set! I always think those colors set such a pretty table and go with so many colors. You paired it with yellow!! Stunning!! Those pecan cookies look delicious, too!

Cindy said...

Lovely blue willow was a collection of mom's and it just speaks for itself. Lovely tea today and the cookies were delicious thank you

Kathryn Ross said...

Blessings, Beth! I remember fondly the first I saw and heard of blue willow - my mother had some pieces that we used when I was a child. She told me the story - forgotten til the memory was renewed years later when I heard it again. I may use your idea and mix it up a bit with my own blue and white collection. And, yes - yellow is a lovely contrast complimenting it!

Princesa Nadie said...

Hello Beth
I love that blue patterns and
I have also that Saddler Tea Pot
Meeting you again has been a pleasure

Bernideen said...

I just googled today to look up about the Occupied Japan mark - it was 1946 to 1952. I love your beautiful Blue Willow pieces as they are always some "welcoming".

xinex said...

I love Blue Willow too, very classic and never goes out of style...Christine

KathyB. said...

Blue & white, my favorite color combo. I have some of the same patterns, but your sugar & creamer are unusual, very nice !

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, I love how you mixed in your blue and white my favorite color yellow! Delightful look! You collection is just awesome and teatime in your home - just lovely!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Blue and white is so classic and beautiful. I love your teapot. And those frosted cookies look yummy!

The Charm of Home said...

I love your Sadler teapot. I have one of them. Not this pattern, it was my Grandmother's. Lovely little spot of tea!

Winnie said...

I love Blue Willow china, but don't have any. I have lots of blue and white pieces, mostly American (reprod) from Colonial Williamsburg, and lots of Asian bllue/white. I can see how special that plate is to you, and glad to see you enjoying it. The teapot is so pretty, and thank you for sharing the link to those cookies, they look yummy.