Friday, May 2, 2014

Sewing Organization

Wow, a whole week raced by and I really never did any sewing or other crafting work.  Spring means I can work outside now, more yard sales and flea markets and other distractions.  I suppose that is why I don't mind winter months too much.

I did finish off a couple of organization projects.  A couple of weeks ago I talked about finding a way to clean up my bobbin collection.   Here is link to tutorial.

Bobbin Clips Tutorial

And here are my before and after shots.


The next thing I discovered is a way to organize, make sense of and easily find my sewing presser feet of which I have MANY.

Here is the tutorial I found.....


And here is MY result.  I am very pleased with it.  I had all my presser feet in a  little box, all jumbled up.  It always took extra time to find the one I wanted.  Although this new way takes a slightly bigger box it is so worth it.  And I can hide it in a drawer in my sewing area.  I doubled the little sections by gluing in an extra divider in several of the spaces so I could more easily store the feet and have space left over for things like sewing machine needles and other little things.

I didn't show before because things came from various places but this is the final product.  There are still a couple of empty spaces for presser feet I "know" are somewhere.....  LOL
 While out in the yard today I was enjoying seeing all my Hostas come up.  I put a pin wheel next to a group that the rabbits have used for a private salad garden for themselves.  So far, so good.

And I am still enjoying all the violets popping up everywhere.  I sort of hate for my husband to have to mow as most will disappear for another year.

   I hope to get crafting or sewing again in the coming week.  I have so many UFOs I MUST get to work on but have to admit being able to spend more time outside is quite tempting.

See you again on Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday and next Thursday or Friday to see if I really have accomplished anything!


Beth said...

It's great to see your hostas coming up, Beth. Enjoy your garden this spring and summer!

Kim said...

How lovely that you can now get out and about and enjoy Spring. What fun to go fossicking for treasures....perhaps another tea cup or two? I love Hostas, but it seems that the snails love them more!! Well done for organising your li'l you will be all ready to stitch!!

Susan said...

I think it is a good plan to have summer and winter activities. A break from each allows us to return with enthusiasm.