Saturday, July 5, 2014

I "Really" need another project.

After reorganizing my wool and felt fabrics to do the projects I mentioned in my last "crafting" post, I decided I needed to get my floss stash organized  I have an embarrassingly large amount but they were here and there.  They are now in order.  I have a large box with little baggies for each of the DMC numbers... and they are in order.  The other types of floss are now in larger baggies by type.  I don't have so many of any one type to make it hard to find what I need....
My favorites are really the "over dyes" created by The Gentle Arts, Weeks Dye Works,   and Valdani.  I also have some Needle Necessities Over Dyes left from the past though they are no longer made.  There is another company called Thread Worx  that sells similar thread.  I don't have any at the moment since I don't seem to need any but if I do I "may" try them out. Lots of types and colors and so I should be ready for anything.

SO...... while doing all that  I got caught up in an on line group that does what is called "prim stitchery."  Most of the projects are small and relatively simple so I now have a few kitted up ready to go. After my reorganization I realize I am not going to have to buy any supplies.  My "stash" has more than enough!

One of the projects is called Sweet Land of Liberty.   It is from Heartstring Samplery.
       If you go to her blog   The Twist Family Blog  you can learn about  it.   It will be a pin keep when I finish it. I am actually about half done with it which makes me happy.  You can purchase the chart from her etsy site....

And by belonging to the Prim Stitchery group you often get the chance to get freebie patterns... so I have taken advantage.  I now have charts to work on for no doubt the next year.  But it has become relaxing for me.  I don't do much quilting in the summer but would rather sit outside, at least, and it is nice to stitch a bit while I enjoy the outdoors.
I don't think I should show you the charts I have at the moment but will post the projects as I finish them.... if  I ever do.... LOL

As we travel a bit in the summer I will be taking the projects  with me.  I am happy that I can work on them as we are driving along.

So that is what I am doing at the moment.  I have been putting together my tea party for next Tuesday.  Be sure to check back.  And maybe I will post some of hopefully soon to finished projects.


My Garden Diaries said...

Oh I just popped over that looks like an outstanding project! And a very happy summer to you with all of your travels! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Nicole xo

Kim said...

Of course you "really" need another project....especially as you travel throughout the summer!! It's what makes the world go around. Happy stitching whilst you are out and about!!


Oh, this post has me wanting to blow the dust off my floss and dig through my fabric scrap basket! I bet some of my floss is from back in the late 70s when I embroidered a handmade denim shirt for my boyfriend (now husband). Thanks for all the links - I visited The Twist Family blog and loved it, too! Cindy from

Creations By Cindy said...

Love your pictures! Everything is so pretty! Hugs and blessings, Cindy