Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall has arrived in all its color

Fall will always be my favorite season.  I know winter is coming but fall is such a welcome relief after a hot summer.  In Maine I always loved the first smells of the season like smoke from wood burning stoves.   Here in Pennsylvania we don't have much of that nor quite the heavy dose of color but it is still a lovely season.   The colors come in subtly at this time of year.  A bit here and a bit there. 

My Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia)  are still blooming strong as fall nears.

This is the centerpiece on my fall table.

For my tea party today I wanted to choose a cup in saucer that said fall but the closest I would come was this one that was the second one I bought while in New Brunswick in August.  The colors are more muted and seems appropriate.   If you follow my blog you know I really love the Royal Albert Tea Cups and this is no exception. 

And the sugar and creamer have fall colored Chrysanthemums.
 They are from Paragon.

 And here is the mark.............

And how about a plate of Snickerdoodles.   I always think of my daughter when I make them.  She really likes them a lot!  I made these for my husband and I and honestly they didn't last a day.

I am joining Sandi's tea party today for this special Autumn Tea as well as the others in which I usual take part. 
Thanks for joining me  today and I hope you will visit the other Tea Time blogs as well.

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Ruth Weston said...

I love fall and Royal Albert teacups too! That's a lovely example. The Snickerdoodles look yummy..reminds me it's time to make some! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Snap said...

I'm with you ... I love Paragon, Royal Albert and Autumn! Your black-eyed Susans are lovely -- and a real colorful welcome to fall. Happy Tea Day!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your Belinda teacup is really lovely, Beth! I have a Veronica from the same Sheraton series. RA cannot be beat with their gorgeous teacups. Your Paragon pieces are pretty too and your Snickerdoodles look yummy! Haven't made those in a while. Thanks for sharing and joining me for Tea Time. Happy Autumn!


Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Absolutely charming! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

Millie said...

That fall cream and sugar are perfect for this autumn tea!

Kim said...

Snickerdoodles...such a curious name for a it. My you live in a pretty li'l corner of the world. The opening photo is just lovely with all those glorious Fall trees. Love your Fall setting. Those pretty Paragon cups and saucers are lovely. Have a lovely cuppa, or two, drinking in that glorious countryside.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your teacup suits the change of seasons very well it seems to me, the colours are just right and the other pieces are just right too! xx

Beth said...

Hi Beth, Your cream and sugar is a lovely pattern - like your Royal Albert teacup as well. The first photo shows a lovely early fall scene and I enjoyed seeing it. Still pretty green here, but there are a few colored leaves appearing here and there.

Zaa said...

Delightful tea sets... but how does one choose the cup to go with the Snickerdoodles( Ha Ha) Maine is so beautiful and presents the perfect setting for a cosy Fall tea...Thanks for sharing ...Hugs

Mom Wald said...

Oooh Snickerdoodles! You are the second Tea Cup Tuesday participant to make me want to bake. I hope today is cooler, so I can use the oven!

Karen said...

Hi Beth,
I just love that Royal Albert teacup! It is gorgeous and the colours are perfect for fall. Your cream and sugar are just my taste too. Snickerdoodles are one of my favourite cookies! Thank you for visiting me! Happy Autumn! Karen

Gentle Joy said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful tea cup. :) Thank you for sharing this.

Maria A. said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful china you brought for this Autumn tea.
I specially liked the Royal Albert cup and saucer, a delightful decoration.
And I loved seeing all those cups you photographed in the previous posts.
Thanks for sharing.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Beth
Belinda is a pretty RA pattern and perfect for fall. I haven't found a teacup suitable for this season yet but the hunt is fun.
Your snickerdoodles look delicious, something I've never made. They remind of Rose from Golden Girls, she was always talking about them. ;-)

Miss Kathy said...

Oh yes, Miss Beth! I am a fan of Royal Albert. The popular shape in the various florals bless me and also stop me in my tracks. Can't resist when I run across one within my budget. This one is particularly stunning - great colors - as is the landscape image at the outset of your post. Do you live within such a view? What a blessing!