Friday, January 9, 2015

De-stash it is!!!

 (This is a post card made I for a January Challenge at the Jennibellie's Journal Workshops

 My word of the year is DE-STASH ..................    If you don't know what that means......
well, if you are a crafter of ANY kind, you are probably building up a "STASH" of supplies.  Sometimes you sort of hate to use something, thinking it might be better used later.... but apparently "later" never comes.  So why not "De-Stash" every so often.

This year I want to start combining   journaling, collage art and maybe even scrapbooking with recycling, and using up my art supplies that are sitting on a shelf, unused, seemingly unloved.......  I have made journals in the past like this but now I am getting busy to make a whole lot  since I have way too many supplies just "sitting around."   I can use them as travel journals, art journals, daily journals, what ever.

This may start out as a mish mash but so what.  I often spend an hour or so going through old magazines and ripping out pages that appeal to me, or that have an interesting color or design feature.  Then they go into a box.... and there they sit, waiting for "what?"

This year I signed up for a few journal workshop type things here on line.  There are a couple of Face book groups......   Journal 52 and Art Journaling and there is a blog site called Jennibellie's Journal Workshops (see link above).  I also signed up for a paid  workshop that is teaching MAKING the actual journals called the Journal Journey.  I have made one so far.

  I may not stick with all of them throughout the year but have to admit I have already done more in this short month than I did totally last year.  There are many more out there too.  Or you can just make up your own.

MY GOAL is to have FUN and if I use up some of my stash of supplies that is even better.

So this is a little of what I have accomplished so far...........

I made two little journals using supplies I had on hand in abundance.  The blue on on the left has a cover made from some handmade paper I found somewhere or other.   I cut watercolor paper in half to make the pages, cut some handmade paper for the cover and the back is from 1/2 of the back of the watercolor pad.  I stacked them and took them to staples to have the coil binding put on.
 The inside pages......... almost looks professionally made doesn't it.

 And this is the back.... this is definitely recycling!!!

The other little one is filled with bits and pieces of art paper, handmade paper, and bit of paper I made and even a couple of envelopes.  The real secret is that I gathered them up and took them to staples to have them bound with their coil binding.  Keeps them neater that way.
    Here are a couple of pictures of some of the inside pages.

            The green, yellow etc. partial page is a piece of paper I made when I was into making paper.

To start your own collage type journal grab any kind of paper that is reasonably strong... cover it with glued down images from magazines and cut to size......  your first attempts don't "Have" to be in a fancy or even "not fancy" journal.. You can mix in plain papers too...  I have seen some interesting things made of a fairly standard size page... stacked up, taken to a print shop or Staples and   bound with coil binding.  Or if you have a sewing machine....  add a "cover page", sew them together on one edge... voila.... a book.

I haven't done the collage type journal I mentioned above but maybe I will eventually.  I have taken classes over the years to learn to make various types of journals which in the past I have used as journals for some of our trips.

SO this is just the beginning of this new adventure...............  hope it last the year................


Amy at love made my home said...

How brilliant!! I had no idea that you could go and get things bound, that might open up a whole new world of possibilities for me! I hope that you really enjoy your project, it looks as though you are off to a really good start with some lovely books for you to use and they would also be great gifts no doubt! I hope that you keep having fun all year through! xx

Home Romance said...

Hi Beth,

I found very interesting your projects with paper! I also love to create and recycle.

Congratulations on your blog,

Hugs Braziil,



Hello sweet Beth!
How nice it must have been celebrating 3 KD in P.R. I know some countries are big with it. Ecuador is not much, but people sometimes have a tea celeb mostly amongst women friends and family.
I always love paper projects and you are so talented my friend. I love yours.


I also just followed your blog...hope you want to do the same. Thanks.

Kim said..., love, love journals. I love all those empty pages just ready for 'deep' ruminations or sketches...or not! ;) Good on you for using up all those bits you have gathered. I am going to follow your journal making with a lot interest, Beth. Love the journals you have already made. Happy de-stashing!