Monday, January 19, 2015

Memory Lane

 I posted this set of dishes awhile ago but I wanted to share again cause I really love it.  I always think of Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage when ever I see Red and White transfer-ware.  So this one is for you Sandi.

 The name of the pattern is Memory lane by Royal China, Inc. from Sebring Ohio.
Most transfer-ware I see is made in England so it is especially nice to see one made in the U.S.

I was lucky enough to have a pretty full set of it for sale in my shop.  But on Sunday of this past weekend someone came in and bought it.  Actually in the morning someone else had looked at it and said she might be back and then a couple hours later it was sold to someone else.  I guess when it is ready to go it is ready to go.
       Since I already had this post prepared I am going on ahead and showing it to you.     Here are a couple of the various pieces up close.  It is such a pretty set.

And while I am thinking of Sandi.....   She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  It is a place I have been fortunate enough to travel to and loved every minute of it.  But that story is for another day.  Because I have family in New Brunswick we often go to Canada.... and while there I made a wonderful discovery of this special tea.  Now, we can purchase Tetley tea here in the US but NOT this special blend.......     Earl Gray Vanilla. (at least I can't find it in any grocery stores near me and believe me, I HAVE LOOKED.)    No doubt about it, it is my favorite tea.  When we go up to visit I ALWAYS purchase a couple of tins of it to bring home... and to savor on special occasions or even just because.  Here is the tin.  I am showing both sides since in a lot of Canada they put both French and English labels on their products. 

If you like Earl Grey and you like vanilla you should try this if you get a chance.  I personally think it is very special. If you can't find it in your store maybe you can add some of the vanilla flavoring to the tea bag and let it soak in before adding to the hot water.  This is "ONLY" a possible suggestion.  I have not needed to try it myself.

  Be sure to visit Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage the week of Jan. 26th for her special anniversary party when participants will be choosing and showing their favorite tea cup or teapot.  I am having a very hard time deciding at the moment.

Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.


Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Very pretty red transferware dishes; and I am sure the new owner is very happy to have them. Great to see Made is USA.

Denise said...

Beth I am so happy You dropped by,I'm glad I didn't miss this post.If I owned a shop like Yours I don't think I could resist bringing home all My favorites.Those dishes are pretty and the tea-oh my-I want some.Hugs and blessings Denise

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

How nice to find transferware made in the US! Yes, I am loving the red, as you knew I would. So totally charming! I will have to look for the Tetley. I usually stick with Twinings, Stash, and David's Teas but I'm always game to try a new one. Thanks for sharing and joining me for Tea Time.


Deborah Montgomery said...

I love red transfer ware. What a pretty set. And I've always wanted to go to PEI.

Bernideen said...

I enjoyed your sweet dishes and the story you told. I have a sign near the teacup table that says:

The teacup you saw today
And want to think about tonight
Will be sold later today
To the lady who saw it yesterday
And thought about it last night!

kitty said...

Oh my, Beth, I love that red transferware set! It is soo pretty, and in guess it went to a lovely home. The Tetley Earl Gray Vanilla sounds wonderful! I love trying new flavors.

Margie (aka Marglom) said...

I've seen the Earl Grey Vanilla around Ontario but have never tried it. I have enjoyed other Earl Greys with vanilla flavour.

Mom Wald said...

Starbucks used to have a mixed tea drink called "London Fog", and it was basically Earl Grey and Vanilla. It was divine, and I bet your Tetley is also divine.

Mom Wald said...

I went looking for this. Come on over and say "hi". This post has a link you will like.

LOVE Memory Lane!!!!

Gentle Joy said...

These are so pretty.... and I love the little salt and pepper shakers. :)

The Charm of Home said...

This is a a pretty pattern. I would love to find another red transferware teacup!

Karen said...

Hi Beth,
Oh yes, that transferware is gorgeous! How did you part with it? I am the worst for parting with china and if I had a shop I would cry to see my favourites go. At least you have some beautiful pics of it. Happy Tea Day! Karen

Amy at love made my home said...

Such beautiful china! I really like the red and white combination - it is a bit like my giant teacup and saucer that you might have seen on my blog sometimes. xx


I'm totally in love with this redtransferware and is my fave, although I love the blue and white too.

Karen said...

The red and white transferware is just lovely. So perfect for Valentines' Day! I am sure that the lady who purchased it will enjoy setting a romantic table with it. Blessings, Karen

Carrie said...

Your red transferred is very pretty. That tea sounds good too. I haven't tried that brand before. I'll have to look for it. Have a great week.

Kim said...

Yes, I should think you would have a bit of a conundrum choosing a favourite tea cup or teapot for the anniversary, Beth. I can't think of a lovelier way to spend one's day than selling your gorgeous china to happy customers with a smile on their faces as they exit your shop! That red transferware set is very pretty!

Zaa said...

Hey Beth ..Too bad about the transfer ware but your pieces of china are lovely especially with that charming tea doily... I love loose tea. but certainly love to try new ones that can travel with my ion my sojourns..Lovely post...Hugs

Poppy said...

What pretty red and white transferware, and how sweet to dedicate these lovely pieces to our dear Sandi!:))

Yes, Tetley Tea does have wonderful blends, Beth, and funnily enough, I can even find them here, on the island! I guess the tourists ask for them, so shop owners make sure to provide them.


Ruth W said...

and thanks for your visit! Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey! I have heard about the Tetley, but it's not available anywhere around here. Love Memory homey!
Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!