Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful for the Tea Party Hostesses!

                 This is a repeat of a post I made about three years ago but it is contains important things I                                                                           I wanted to say!
As we get close to our Thanksgiving I want to say a huge thank you to the ladies who serve as hostesses for the various Tea Party events on line.  I know I wouldn't be here without them.
And for my followers who join me each week to see what I have found to show, Thanks to you all! Your kind comments make it even better!  And to the participants of the other tea parties.  What inspiration and fun are to be found!  Love it all!

I went out into my antique shop and started looking for things to display that would look like Thanksgiving.  No turkeys to be found but here are a few things that will look nice on the table I think.  The book I have shown " Autumn Accents" is one my own.  It is by Thimbleberries, designer of many great quilting fabrics.

The cute chicken casserole from Japan could be used to hold gravy, or a small serving of some vegetables.
For dessert, pie would look great on these dishes.  I am going to show the mark but have no real idea what it says.  If you know please let me know in the comments.  It is obviously some sort of gold.  And the set is made in the USA.

Also made in the USA is the large gold creamer.  I didn't get a close up picture of it but if you look closely in the overall picture you can see it.

And finally, we must have a cup and saucer so I selected this one from Royal Vale pottery.  It has a lovely yellow flower and nice fall colors.

I want to wish all my USA tea cup followers a Happy Thanksgiving.  And to those from other countries that don't celebrate the day please know I am thankful for all of you.

                I am joining with the following Tea Parties and blog parties.

                 These may not be available every week so check to be sure.

Hope you will visit them too.


Kim said...

Your collection of pretties make for lovely accents to a Fall celebration. Thank you, Beth for delighting me each Tuesday with a peek at your lovely china. As a gal who loves pretty china, it is always a delight to see which lovely piece you are talking about each week. I love peeking into your china collection. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Thank you for your heart felt post, Beth. We appreciate you too. You have some pretty dishes there and the chicken casserole is very cute! It must be an exciting business to be in, selling vintage china. You're always on the look out for that special piece. I think I would have trouble letting go of many pieces. It must take a certain amount of restraint to do what you do. I'm always happy to have you join me for my party. Thank you for sharing and once again, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this week.

Autumn blessings,

Margie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beth! I celebrated Thanksgiving last month so my Christmas decor is already up. Yellow is one of my favourite colours so I enjoyed seeing your lovely Royal Vale teacup.

Ruth W said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes...I still think the Canadian date is better! Love your pretty setting. And I have bought my share of Thimbleberries fabric. Love it! Thanks for linking to Tueaday Cuppa Tra.

Bernideen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Beth!
That is a wonderful vignette for the season and really a lovely tribute to Thanksfulness.
Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!