Saturday, March 4, 2017

In memory of my parents.

Life got out of hand here as usual so I am a couple of days late with posting this.  My husband wrenched his back so I was busy doing "double" duty around here.  And, as if in sympathy, my back had decided to get a pulled muscle that slowed me right down.  But hopefully, for now, things are back to their normal craziness.

 Here is my next project.

Awhile back I decided to make this next project in memory of my parents.  I can't remember where I got the idea exactly.  But I had all the needed supplies and so I put it together.  It features pictures of my parents as children and included a lot of their interests in a very simplistic way.  I keep it sitting up on the top of my dresser where I see it every day.    I hope you enjoy seeing it.

I used a hinged box, probably from Michaels.  The background of the box is covered with scrapbook paper, the heard is made out of fabric, some lace, and a couple of other items I had.
My father loved music and travel.  I remember him telling me about learning to raise chickens
from a correspondence course he took while in an army hospital in India (during WWII.)  So down in the corner you will see some tiny chicks to represent that.  (Unfortunately, we never lived anywhere, where he could put that knowledge to use.)
My mom loved church, music and gardening and her friends. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick look at one of my favorite projects.

If you come back on Tuesday you may see some teacups.  Since it will be Teacup Tuesday I will try and do just that!!

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Kim said...

Your beautiful memories of your mum and dad are displayed beautifully in the lovely box. The paper on the front is pretty and the heart is perfect, both in colour and pattern. It is when you opened it up to show us what you have done with the sweet photos that make my heart smile. I love all the little details pertaining to both. Fancy doing a correspondence course on how to raise chickens....I did smile at that. A beautiful keepsake reminding you of cherished memories. I love this gorgeous heirloom is resting beside your bed. I am loving these projects of yours, Beth.